Pundi X - payment platform for blocking

Hallo Everything .. I want to tell you all about Pundi X project, where they are doing a very promising project, you can join their project even you can also invest in their ICO sales ..

If you are interested you can read about their Visimisi on the article I have prepared for you, so you know how they built this project ..

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Starts a new project called Pundi X Labs. His goal is to create a world where buying crypto currency is "as simple as buying bottled water." At the very least, this is what the firm says on its website. The company is launching a new POS device. This technology will allow ordinary stores to accept crypto currency as a method of payment.

The Pundi X sales network has hundreds of Pundi X POS smart devices. Consumers only need a "Pound X Pass" card to purchase a crypto currency at POS Pundi X, and retail outlets can process cryptographic user cards, for example, contactless travel cards. Consumers can also buy crypto currency with fiat currency, bank cards or digital wallets.

Pundi X is a successful platform developed by the team, where this platform is an application in the form of a digital wallet, which can reach the cryptic market in South-East Asia.

Pundi X wants to create cooperation between sellers, so Pundi X users are better and easier to buy crypto currency.

ICO Pundi X. 

The project accepts ETH for PXS. Each ETH receives 500 PXS. For the first stage, you get an additional 15% tokens. The following stages reduce the bonus by 5%, in the fourth stage there will not be a bonus. The bulk of the proceeds will be spent on offline advertising and installation. Two-thirds of the tokens will be created for the public.

Maybe this is the only thing I can implement in their project, if you are not satisfied with my review in giving information, you should not worry that I have set up a link, where you can directly communicate with their team to ask about their visions.

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