Hello everyone .. I want to introduce to you about their project named ARTEX, where they are currently undergoing Pre-sale sales where each will get bouns about 30%, maybe this review is enough to help you in finding accurate information, about the project them, if you want to join please read my reviews ...

To know their visions in implementing this project, please do not hesitate to find out about their project, I am happy to share me knowledge for you ..

Here are some review reviews that might help you later ...

Who are we?

We are the largest media holding for photos in Russia and the CIS, which is industriously extending to the western audience (more than 25% as of today).

market since 2002
On the photography 

Over 100 exhibitions and 
festivals have been 
arranged, their total 
attendance exceeding 
80,000 people

The overall audience for 
current projects is more 
than 1,000,000 
people a month 

One of the largest photo 
awards in the world 
(75,000 participants, 
more than 200,000 
downloaded pieces 
of work)

The subscriber database is
800,000 people

Market volume

$45 - $57
billion a year
Pieces of art

$1.2 - $1.5
billion a year
ART photo market

pieces with a price of up to $5000
High liquidity and no fakes


- Problem of trust
- No transparency
- Closed ART community


- Common register of pieces of arts within the blockchain
- Convenient mobile application
- Open and transparent entry to the market


$500 mln.
of the photography market by the end of year 2019

$5 billion
of the ART market by the end of the year 2021

The process of buying and promoting works of art becomes transparent and secure, and artists receive a mechanism that provides them with a monetary reward from each sales transaction.

Why do investors choose the ART market?

One of the most reliable and stable investment instruments.
It is frequently used for diversification of risks related to other assets.

High probability of investing into a fast-growing asset (picture and artist).

It is sometimes compared with investing into start-ups, only the probability of loss is almost zero.

The market of the elite — it demonstrates the owner’s cultured mind and status.
Things have historical and cultural value and the owner helps the development of society.

Why don’t young investors know about it?

For a long time, the ART market has been the exclusive province of the elite.

Ownership of a piece of art is a new social level in society.

A limited circle of specialists have knowledge of the market

Fine art experts, gallery owners, art dealers, art critics, and other members of the closed community.

Total absence of transparency and liability to the investor

Everything is arranged so, that only few can see into the matter and establish the authenticity of pieces of art (presence of a recommended expert is almost mandatory).

How will our project change the situation?

With our database of photographers (more than 600 000 people) and a support of specialized galleries, we are going to create a public register of pictures on the blockchain.

Leading galleries endorse us because photography as an art has been subjected to hostile rhetoric on the part of the conventional art community for many years. Firstly, they point out to the problem of absence of uniqueness (a guarantee of subsequent replicability of a piece of work), which we resolve with the help of our platform.

Everyone willing to enter the art-market will be able to use a simple, user-friendly mobile app.

Now, with the help of our favorite devices, it will be possible to view the full history of a photo (provenance): its first download onto the platform (proof of rights and expert evaluation), history of ownership, imprint characteristics, number of certified copies (and/or maximal possible number of copies), history of sales, and exhibitions, etc. The history will be memorized on the blockchain.

A new generation of investors (a typical investor on a current art-market is 45+)

Having rendered the market open and understandable for the generation of people who are used to making most decisions themselves, we will open to them one of the best opportunities for diversifying investment risks. Analysts estimate that after successful implementation of our system, the photography market volume will be growing by 30-50% a year! This is beneficial for all players and we have already gained the support of the largest events and galleries.

The structure of the investment distribution

25% - Operational expenses

45% - Art Portfolio

Purchase of 150 to 800 of the most liquid artworks, in particular at the world's best galleries, for their introducing into the blockchain and connecting to the platform ARTEX.

One of the most reliable and stable investment instruments. The growth of art portfolio value is 15–25% a year.

30% - Marketing budget

Our team

Maybe this is just what I may present, if you still lack information, do not worry I have set up a link where you can communicate directly with their team ..

If you are interested in a gift campaign, you can also see the link to see how to participate in their campaign.

Here Information You Can Go:

Usernmae Profile BTT : Ris88


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