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A new addition to real estate development projects around the world. Atlant is on the way to building a Blockchain platform with a real estate focus. We all know the increasing need for housing in the world. According to 2017, the speed will increase the need for real estate because economic growth rates are increasing. One of the safe investment vehicles is real estate investment.

The Atlante platform is confronted with two solutions focused.
  • A decentralized platform that uses intelligent contracts with the ethereal block chain, where property assets are priced transparently and uniformly
  • Renting services Airbnb, Expedia, Booking booking from companies is a big problem.The problems between the owner and the guest and the problem of space to reside with the blockchain is a decentralized project that solves the problem with blockchain.It will bring an unusual new concept

Atlanta Benefits
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We all know that the most secure investment tools are real estate (land, housing) .In 2009-2016 demand for global real estate transactions increased by 334% from 65 billion dollars to 340 billion liras.Atlant here you can make global and online purchases in the Ethereum chain a working visual store.

Atlant Platform Technology

  • Asset ownership or lease contracts are guaranteed by block chain technology, which allows the storage of non-editable or non-breakable records.
  • Price; Reduced costs due to the ethereum block chain and direct communication between the property owner and the tenant.
  • Buyers and sellers can trade tokens without causing any significant change in property prices.
  • Transactions are verified on the block-chain, can not be changed after they have been created to eliminate disputes and improve the efficiency of the real estate market.

There is also the following benefits for property owners

1 - Customer Potential and Free Advertisement

2 - Confidence: rules are written as smart contracts and can not be violated by the agent or the guest

3 - No matter who is the agent, rules are fixed and unchanged.

Road map

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ATL tokens will be limited to a total of 375,000,000, including 315,000,000 in the ICO period and 5,625,000 for pre-sales, with the remainder being distributed as bonuses to team members, brokers and consultants.

ATL is a token that allows users to use advanced applications such as Ethereum wallets on their Ethereum blockchain base, today's token application standards, and easy to store and manage their investments in their users.

Atlant's entire IPO (pre-sale and ICO) will be made through Ethereum smart contracts.

Atlant Pre- sale 

starts on August 1, 2017 
Pre-sale Price: 1 ETH = 1010 ATL 
Total Supply: 5,625,000


Atlant ICO starts on September 7th. 
Ico Price: 1 ETH = 505 ATL 
Total Supply: 315,000,000

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You read the Atlant technical report from the link below:

For Accurate Information You Can Visit The Link Below:

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