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223,748+ users are already betting on their favourite esports games on our platform

Earn revenue
create games and receive a part of the pot

100% fair for all
full transparency, no middleman, independent.

Ongoing reward for all token-holder
from each pot played all token holder receive HERO


What is Hero?


HERO radically changes todays centralized way of online betting. The token enables you to join or create games on the ethereum blockchain. 

The design of HERO enforces active and passive income streams for all participants in the ecosystem. This transparent and decentralized way of betting breaks the traditional "the house always wins" paradigm.

With HERO the community always wins.

The Challenge

The online betting industry has suffered from a lack of innovation for years. Over time, player conditions constantly worsened: Fees have increased, odds are in favour of the bookmaker and regularly winning players are banned. 

With traditional betting "the house always wins".

Trustless Betting

A trustless system is a combination of mechanics that allows for two or more parties to interact with another and fulfill contracts without having to trust each other. Hence, trustless betting solves common issues with current betting providers: Get rid of middlemen and other parties that could influence the results and rely only on what you can doublecheck and proofread yourself. This eliminates the risk of corruption, fraud and manipulation. No need to trust anyone, because the blockchain takes care of it for you.

More than just an idea

Most of the ICOs and tokens just sell ideas. HERO is different. HERO emerged from a real world need of the esports betting platform herosphere.gg. Already entertaining more than 200.000 users, herosphere will be the first provider to implement the HERO token. Others have just ideas, we build solutions.

Herosphere.gg esports

herosphere.gg is solely focusing on the fast growing esport market. The cash gambling market for esports is anticipated to grow by a factor of 20 within the next four years.

Herosphere.gg Preview

How HERO Works

The HERO ecosystem consists of game creators and players. Everyone is able to participate by simply joining or creating games. The whole community benefits from a growing activity as every HERO token holder is ensured to receive a general reward of all played games. Additionally, those who take the effort to create games receive a provider reward.

How it works - HERO ICO herocoin

HERO Comparison Chart

HERO vs Augur vs 1ST vs Wagerr vs UnikoinGold

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