Hello everybody. Projects of virtual reality are not new at all. But have you heard about projects that are designed to connect our reality with the virtual world and thus add new facets to ordinary life. Simplifying many aspects. You've probably seen a lot of this in movies, but they could not even imagine that something like this is possible in real life. And the project of which I will tell you today is just such a project - Lucyd.

I will say right away, Lucyd is a project of glasses of augmented reality. For your better understanding, I will describe the whole process. When you wear glasses, you connect to your gadgets and applications that were created for Lucyd. You are stretching the mask of technology and blockade over the usual world. This will allow you to instantly receive the necessary information, without interruption from work to communicate in the network, as well as learn something new. Of course, the element of entertainment will also be present if necessary. Thus, new glasses Lucyd Lens will be created, which have a number of advantages, as well as a truly revolutionary product in the market.

The glasses will support a 120 degree view, and also have an AR display. Similarly, the project Lucyd will not be limited only to glasses. A whole ecosystem will be created that is designed to support and develop the technology of augmented reality by writing new applications for glasses. Writing and using applications will be stimulated by the LCD token. The entire platform will operate using smart contract technology, in order to ensure this, visit the Website -  Lucyd

On October 17, the preliminary sale of LCD tokens will be launched. And already on October 30, the ICO of the Lucyd project starts, at the entrance of which it is planned to raise $ 10 million. A total of 100,000,000 LCD tokens will be produced. It will be very profitable to invest first in the project, since the first 500 investors will receive Lucyd Lens. These are the first smart glasses, which will be the main product of the project.

At the very end, I would like to wish the developers success. The guys have a great idea and enough experience to implement it. Lucyd is a project of the future with great potential. So for all who are interested I will leave the link for reference. And do not forget, ICO is already very soon.

If this review is lacking in explaining this project to you, do not despair, I have set up a Link where you can see this project well on their visions regarding its progress to date.

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