The high volatility of the cryptomarket allows investors and traders to draw enormous profits. This attracts a stable flow of new “players”. As a result, the number of users on cryptocurrency exchanges is always increasing. Besides that, new cryptoassets are emerging on a regular basis. Since the introduction of the blockchain, their growth has become exponential. As a result of increase in trading demand, many cryptocurrency exchanges are not capable of handling the increasing volume, especially during peak times. Others are losing their competitive edge in light of changing market conditions.

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News outlets regularly stream information about problems of different crypto exchanges. The main issues that exchanges experience are: 
  • Scalability difficulties. 
  • Poor protection from hackers.
At the same time, cryptoinvestors and traders suffer. The main issues that they face are:
  • Difficulties with registering on exchanges. 
  • Low quality and service speeds. 
  • Limited liquidity.
Solving these issues is the primary task of the new Quifas cryptocurrency exchange. We are developing a quality solution that allows for 2.5 million transactions per second. There are no registration limitations on the Quifas exchange. All user queries will be solved as fast as possible and in a language comfortable to users.

In addition, Quifas cares for the security of its users and is taking all of the necessary measures in order to protect their funds. Our specialists will monitor the system, root out, and prevent hacks on our exchange.

For increased convenience, we are creating mobile applications for iOS and Android devices. They will allow cryptocurrency traders to gain profits regardless of their current location. 

Quifas Mission – to allow anyone, from any part of the world to carry out secure cryptoasset transactions in just a few clicks. 
Quifas eliminates the short fallings of existing solutions and brings its own innovative solutions to the market. This will allow it to take its place amongst market leaders and get ahead of competitors.

Market capitalization

The cryptomarket is developing at a swift pace. Its capitalization during 2017 grew by over 30 times, and towards the end of January 2018, it was over $500B.

The chart below (Fig. 1) summarises the growth in cryptocurrencies market capitalization for the past five years.

Besides this, new cryptocurrencies, or tokens, are appearing on a near daily basis. There’s already over 1500 of them. And their quantity will continue to grow in the future, since an increasing amount of projects are using ICO’s as a way of acquiring financing.

The cryptomarket capitalization will increase alongside ICO popularity. The market capitalization of many cryptoassets is already in the billions. At the same time, a thousand fold ROI following an ICO or the creation of a new cryptocurrency is quite a common occurrence.

 The chart below (Fig. 2) shows the market capitalization of the top 20 coins.

Trade volume 

The amount of traders and trading operations pertaining to the sale and purchase of cryptoassets is growing on a daily basis. Peak transaction volumes are usually achieved during either a spontaneous increase or decrease of cryptoasset prices. In times like these, the load that cryptocurrency exchanges experience is significantly increased too. It’s worth noting that average daily trade volumes have already surpassed the $20B mark.

Along with a growth in ICO popularity, the market capitalization will increase as well. The market capitalization of many cryptoassets is already in the billions. 

The chart below (Fig. 3) shows the 24hr average trading volume by coin for the month of December 2017.

The workload on cryptocurrency exchanges increases together with cryptoasset trade volumes, which already surpassed $1 Billion daily on each of the five largest exchanges. The rapid increase in the number of new users has led to serious disruptions in the functionality of exchanges.  

This chart below (Fig. 4) shows the 24 hours trade volume by top 20 cryptocurrency exchanges.


As a result of this surge, there has been a huge demand of cryptocurrency exchange platforms by users in order to be able to invest and/or trade cryptocurrencies. The current state shows that many of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges have struggled in dealing with the abrupt surge in demand for their services. For instance, one of the biggest exchanges added over 250,000 users in one hour after temporarily restoring registration for new users while some added an average of 100,000 new users per day in the last quarter of 2017.

Some exchanges have overhauled their systems to improve their scalability, while others have temporarily stopped opening new user accounts. Nearly all exchanges have had to grapple with periodic outages and performance issues during the more than 10-fold increase in the price of bitcoin and the price of other digital currencies. This opens a huge opportunity to launch a new trading platform with unique functionalities to help with the surge in the demand.

Current problems 

In order to create a new cryptocurrency exchange capable of taking a leading position amongst existing competitors, a careful analysis of their current problems was undertaken. 

It can be stated that practically all functioning cryptocurrency exchanges and their users run into a list of serious problems. 

As new investors are flooding the market, the current exchanges are having difficulties keeping up with the huge demand and many of them are closing the doors to new investors. 

Below are some of the main difficulties that current exchanges and their users are facing.

Lack of Customer Service 

One of the main issues that most users face today is lack of customer support. Most issues involving deposits, withdrawals, or user interface take days or weeks to get resolved. There are instances where users get replies in a foreign language. 

As an example, we can refer to an issue1 experienced by an EXMO exchange user. Stemming from faulty actions of some of the exchanges employees, one user’s withdrawal took 48 days. The exchange even tried to pin the issue on the client himself.

Inadequate Infrastructure to Scale 

Most exchanges don’t have the infrastructure capacity to support the hundred thousands of users added on a daily basis. 

In December 2017, even the largest crypto exchanges such as Bittrex and Bitfinex were forced to stop allowing new user registrations2 . The inflow of new clients would most likely lead to them experiencing serious system malfunctions.

Security Breaches 

There are many instances of security breaches and DDoS attacks on most exchanges on a regular basis. There have been situations where millions of dollars worth of crypto has been stolen and never recovered. 

For example, towards the end of January 2018, hackers breached the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange, Coincheck, and stole over $500M worth of NEM3 . Many investors and traders experienced severe losses as a result of this. More so, this event negatively impacted the entire crypto market: almost all assets fell in price and the capitalization decreased.

 Low Withdrawal Limits 

Many users are faced with low daily withdrawal limits. This restricts the ease at which users can move funds.

This problem is well illustrated by the Bittrex exchange4 . During the month of November, many of its users were unable to pass verification, which resulted in a daily withdrawal limit of only 0.4 BTC for them.

Delayed Account Upgrades 

Requests for account upgrades by users on most exchanges takes a long time. Users must sometimes wait for weeks to get their verification requests approved. This is very restrictive in terms of user access to the market.

As an example, we can use the Bittrex situation mentioned above, during which many users were unable to complete even basic verification. Additionally, the support services ignored messages pertaining to the issue.

Furthermore, one of the Bitcoin Core developers held a survey related to exchange verification times5 . A third of the 1,700 individuals surveyed passed verification in a week, 16% in a month, and 21% in over two months.

Liquidity Issues 

Liquidity on some exchanges makes trade execution take longer than necessary, thereby subjecting users to price fluctuations and delayed trade executions. 

This problem is especially important during the early stages of an exchange’s operations. Immediately after launch, and along with a low amount of users, open orders close after a prolonged period of time. During times of high market volatility, the cost of executing an order can change drastically, going either up, or down. As a result, investors and traders face losses.

Inefficient Multilingual Support 

The cryptocurrency market is a global one, as such there are many users involved in it that are not fluent English speakers. Except for a select amount of exchanges, most, lack multilingual customer support and user interfaces.

As a result, many investors and traders lose out on potential profits from investments and cryptoasset trading, since they do not have access to exchanges due to foreign language limitations.

Quifas Solution 

Quifas is an innovative cryptocurrency exchange, which will eliminate current market issues. Users will have access to a very intuitive interface on the platform, and the exchange’s staff will provide efficient support services in regards to all queries. Support will be provided in a language convenient to users. 

The integration of the newest technological solutions will allow Quifas to execute up to 2.5 million transactions per second. This will ensure that the system will operate at full capacity even during peak load times. 

Aside from this, Quifas cares for the security of its users and is taking all of the necessary measures in order to protect their funds from hackers and scammers. 

All of this combined with new, unique solutions will allow Quifas to become one of the best exchanges on the market.

Quifas Goal 

The goal of Quifas is to create an innovative crypto exchange with the most user friendly work algorithm, which guarantees high security and allows for millions of transactions per second.

Quifas Functionality 

The Quifas Exchange is built to address all of the issues mentioned above, which most cryptocurrency exchanges face today. The main purpose of the platform will be to enhance and facilitate user experiences.

The Quifas Exchange will provide the following solutions:

  • Exceptional Customer Service – The main focus of Quifas will be on customer experience. We will aim to resolve every issue within 24 hours or less. We will provide multilingual support and a team spread across the globe, ready to tackle any issues that users might experience.
  • Liquidity - Quifas will provide great liquidity for traders, thereby minimizing slippages in trade price executions. This will be possible thanks to partnerships with industry leaders.
  • Security Improvements – The Quifas Exchange is custom built, and will be hosted within a secured cloud environment and monitored around the clock by cybersecurity experts.
  • Immediate Account Upgrade - Currently, most users have to wait days or weeks for their accounts to pass verifications and an account upgrade. Quifas Exchange will aim to complete verification of accounts within 24 hours or less.
  • Unlimited Withdrawals – Many users face daily withdrawal limits. Once an account is verified, the user will enjoy unlimited withdrawals.
  • Scalable Infrastructure – The platforms technology is designed to be scalable so as to accommodate a huge increase in new user registrations without having to shut down registrations, while still providing awesome customer support.
  • Ultra Fast Matching Engine – Quifas is built on one of the most advanced technology and is capable of handling 2.5 Million transaction per second. The order matching engine can execute trades in less than one millisecond. It is highly scalable and able to support millions of users simultaneously.
  • Cross Platform Support – Recent trends indicate that more users use mobile cryptocurrency exchange apps in addition to web platforms. Besides its highly advanced web platform, the Quifas Exchange also supports fully functional Android and iOS applications. Users can trade directly from their phones with ease.
  • API Support – Quifas Exchange has a backend API service that both iOS and Android devices can use. Users can take advantage of the API to create, modify, and integrate accounts as needed.
  • Advanced Trading Features – One of the most competitive features of the Quifas platform is the ability to place stop losses on orders and take profits at the same time. Another feature that the platform presents users with is Auto Stop Loss creation in order to extract maximum potential profits after a Take Profit Level has been reached.
  • News Section – The platform has integrated a news section where users can get the latest and hottest news about their favorite cryptocurrencies. There will also be a chat section where users can share ideas and strategies.
Revenue Generation 

Quifas will implement the following Revenue Structure for non-quifas token holders:

Token Sale 

The Quifas Tokens (QFS) - The tokens issued by Quifas Exchange will have a maximum supply of 200 million. The Quifas token is an ERC 20 token issued on the Ethereum Blockchain and will be supported by all Ethereum wallets.

Token Benefits 

1. Zero Trading Fee 
Zero Trading Fee for all Purchases with QFS Tokens For Life Token holders will be able to use Quifas token (QFS) to buy other crypto asset such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple, etc on the Quifas exchange with ZERO TRADING FEES FOR LIFE.

For example: Purchase of 1 ETH using QFS tokens will incur ZERO TRADING FEES. Purchase of 1 BTC using QFS tokens will incur ZERO TRADING FEES.

Trading Discounts for Non-QFS Token Transactions 

Token holders will be able to pay trading fees for non-QFS token purchases at a great discount if fees are paid using QFS Tokens.

An initial proposed discount structure is as follows: 
*Year 1 - 60% Year 2 - 30% Year 3 - 15% Year 4 - 7.5% 
*Discount structure can be adjusted based on prevailing market conditions. 
For example: Purchase of BTC with ETH on the platform.

This should normally attract a 0.1% Fee but if the trader decided to pay the fees using QFS tokens they will get a 60% discount off the 0.1% Fee in Year 1. Therefore paying 40% of the 0.1% Fee and saving 60%. 

For example: Purchase of 1,000 BTC with ETH will be as follows: 
Normal Fee (Non QFS Tokens Pmt): 0.1% * 1000BTC= 1BTC 
Discounted Fee (With QFS Token Pmt): (100-60) * 0.1% * 1000 BTC= 0.4BTC

Selection of New Coins To Be Listed

Our Platform is focused on serving the people's needs, therefore QFS Token holders will have a say on which coins get listed on the exchange. For example, every first day of the month, users will be asked for their opinions on list of coins they want to get listed on the exchange. Recommendations will be considered on the selection of coins to be listed on the exchange.

Token Issuance and Distribution

  • 50% Token Sale Participants 
  • 20% Founders and Team 
  • 15% Reserve Funds 
  • 10% Angel Investors 
  • 5% Bounty and Advisors

  • Token Name QFS 
  • Price of QFS token $0.40 (1 QFS = $0.40) 
  • Max Supply of tokens 200,000,000 (two hundred million) 
  • Payment Method Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) 
  • Minimum Contribution 0.1 ETH 
  • Token distribution Date No later than 30th May 23:59:59 (UTC-4)
Stage 1: Pre-ICO

Stage 2: ICO

Adjustable distribution: Unsold and unallocated tokens will be destroyed Further token issuances: No, a single token issuance via the ICO only Upon reaching the hard cap, the ICO will end immediately. 

Founders Token Vesting Plan 

The Tokens allocated to the Quifas founders and team members will vest in an equal amount of 25% over a period of 2 Years. The founders get no tokens until after a period of 6 month after the ICO.
  • End of 6 Months 
  • 25% of Tokens
  • End of 12 Months 
  • 25% of Tokens 
  • End of 18 Months 
  • 25% of Tokens 
  • End of 24 Months 
  • 25% of Tokens
Advisors Vesting Plan will be as follows:
  •  End of 6 Months 
  • 50% of Tokens 
  • End of 12 Months 
  • 50% of Tokens
Use of Funds 

The exchange will use funds raised during the tokensale as follows:

Quifas Platform Development 

40% of the funds generated during the token sale will be used for the development of the Quifas exchange platform. This will enable us to build a scalable, highly secure, world class platform with a user friendly interface that will support multi-platforms such as Web, iOS, Android on PC, Mac, Tablets and Smartphones while offering traders unique features such as trailing stops, trailing profit targets, simultaneous entry of buy orders, stop loss and take profit, market news section.

Marketing, PR and Branding 

30% of the funds generated during the token sale will be used for marketing public relations and branding of the exchange. This will aid in the acquisition of new customers, and their retention.

Liquidity Fund

20% of the funds generated during the token sale will be held in reserve for contingencies and other miscellaneous or unforeseen expenses that might arise.


10% of the funds generated during the token sale will be held for ongoing legal advice.

Token Sale Bonus

Min purchase: 0.1 ETH

Road Map
  • Oct 2017 : Team Assembled for Project Commencement 
  • Feb 2018 : White Paper Released 
  • March 2018 : Launch of ICO 
  • June 2018 : Launch of Quifas Cryptocurrency Exchange with Global Marketing 
  • Sept 2018 : Launch of Mobile Platforms 
  • Dec 2018 : Listing of 100 Cryptocurrencies on Exchange 
  • Jan 2019 : Multilingual support Expansion in French, German, Korean, Chinese, etc 
  • Dec 2019 : Become a Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchange in the World
Maybe this is all I can say about their project, if any questions about their project or this review are not understood by you, do not worry I have prepared a link you can visit, in order to get reliable information about QUIFAS EXCHANGE project.

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