Publish Your Works Online Safely by Using Copytrack

Copytrack – Copyright becomes a serious problem in internet era. A lot of digital contents including images, texts, and videos are used without considering about the copyright. This condition becomes disadvantages for the creators. Copytrack is trying to give a brilliant solution for creators who want to save the copyright of their works.

What is CopyTrack?

Copytrack is a platform and service provider which focuses on image search and copyright around the world. The team is offering a Global Decentralized Copyright Register service and it is designed specific for digital content. The service works by giving authentication to the users and digital links as an intellectual property. As the result, all of the works which are published online will have right and third parties who want to use it must have permission from the creator of the work. The goal of this system is to create new efficiency marketplaces.

The Users of CopyTrack

So, who are the users of Copytrack? This platform is designed for publishers, photographers, image agencies, and also e-commerce vendors. As long as you need to authenticate copyright for your works, you can use Copytrack. By using this platform, it hopes that illegal copy and distribution can be reduced or even stopped.

Because of that, Copytrack focuses on 4 main services which are post licensing in over 140 countries, legal advice by qualified lawyers, well case management, and personal customer service. The most interesting, you don’t have to spend your money at all only to use this platform.

Copytrack is free for everyone who wants to use it. The tools are also easy to use so you can use this platform maximally to protect your works. In specific, Copytrack is taking a small commission from the users. The benefit is not only about a free to use platform but you can also enjoy other benefits. Those are including zero risk of legal enforcement, got post licensing, and fair approach.

Because of those benefits, Copytrack has been used in Berlin, New York, and Tokyo and all the networks around the world. The significant result is better copyright rule and reducing copyright claim in Japan and Europe during 2017.

Benefits from Copytrack

There are several interesting deals you can get from Copytrack.
  • First, you don’t need to spend your money at all and you can start to register as a member online for free. Even after you post over 1.000 images, you don’t need to spend your money at all.
  • Second, there is no uploading limit and you can upload your works as many as you want.
  • Third, by the time you are uploading your works, the works are able to see by internet users through search engine and there is no different at all.
  • Fourth, the detail will be detected automatically by the platform.
  • Fifth, Copytrack gives a fair payout based on the success of the works.

You just need to pay around 50% up to 70% when someone is using your works and the right after it is uploaded to the Copytrack. In conclusion, Copytrack is trying to support your works by protecting them through copyright. Copyright gives you a chance to grow or create something better than before without worrying about illegal copy and distribution anymore.

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