All public art - connecting the art field with great potential

Today, I will discuss the evolution of the world of cryptocurrency that has been in circulation in recent years with various types of crypto, platform or application. Many ACIs will come every day now. Some with good ideas, some with useless ideas, few have good ideas. Now, I want to talk about ICO great idea, it  
all  is  public art, okay, I'll just explain what it is public art.

About all art in the public sphere The growth and development of the art market means that every field is integrated into a new model of art trade. All General Arts ensures that there is a lucrative and fair art market for artists and collectors

The Role of All Art Art combines three areas of great potential in art, blockchain technology and the people who create, sell or buy art.

The overall vision of being public is to contribute to global growth and art sustainability by supporting and promoting blockchain based negotiation technology based on art market artists and smart contracts. With the creation of a new ecosystem, it aims to serve all the public art, the global community of artists and art lovers. He will continue to help in the emerging art market.

The purpose of Art All Public is to use technological advantages to connect blockchain people who buy and sell art. The public art team developed the idea of ​​integrating Blockchain technology into the art market, enhancing art trade, and enhancing the economic and social benefits of the global art world. Funds will be allocated for the development and implementation of various innovations planned for the art market. This is an opportunity that all participants can provide. The buyer or consumer does not rely on an intermediary who asks for a sales commission.

The ultimate goal and long-term goal is to provide a peer-to-peer AllPublicArt tool for peer-to-peer trading in the art market. Art market technology and blockchain will unite seamlessly, thanks to a combination of basic programming features that include:

Easy communication System security and stability,
transparent artists and collectors

Token WHAT and

TOKEN APA's sales program is at the core of this project, where a new way of using it is making trading easier and more effective in sharing art and pursuing art. All the implications of Blockchain public art material minimize the artwork. Restore confidence in the art market. Increased service in trading. and enhance the economic and social benefits of the global art community.

Pre-sale tokens

The pre-sale stage runs from January 15, 2018 to January 21, 2018. The purpose of this phase is to strengthen purchasing power and initial investment in a short time.

A donation of at least 35 ETHs is required to follow this phase unless you are a registered artist.
  • Minimum $ 15 contribution to ETH for Ethical Artist Bonus 25%
  • ETH Contribution Minimum Bonus $ 10.5k 25%
  • Bonus Minimum ETH Bonus of 30 T 30%
  • A minimum donation of $ 150,000 from an ETH bonus of 35%
  • A minimum donation of $ 300,000 ETH 45%
  • You can not buy more than 25,000,000 AllPublicArt tokens, which is equivalent to $ 1,250,000 for ET.
You can buy chips for $ 1.25 million (Ethereal).

Prior Artist: No minimum contribution required if an artist is checked and whitelisted. (Whitelist Requirements: Visually registered visual artist All Art and Public Arts and their listed artist website should receive a 20% bonus with a minimum contribution of 0.5 ETH.)

Sales token

The token sales phase lasts from January 23, 2018 to February 18, 2018. Participants receive a bonus token that begins to award the preliminaries to join him.
  • Week 1 with a bonus of 20%
  • Week 2 with a bonus of 15%
  • Week 3 with bonus 10%
  • Week 4 with bonus 0%
You can not buy more than 25,000,000 AllPublicArt tokens, which is equivalent to $ 1,250,000 for ET.

Tokens can be purchased for ETN for $ 1.25 million (Ethereal).

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