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Hallo everything .. There's more you may be better off to join their project, where there is a very good and very fair exchange site, if you look and become part of them, and they are currently running ICO sales , where everyone can participate in investing in their ICO or can also contribute to their prize campaign.

If you are interested, please read the purpose of their project on Smart Token Exchange, where they explain how they built their project to date.

Well more details please read the following reviews:

Smart Token Exchange

The 1-st aggregator of crypto liquidity
Trade over 10,000 coin cross rates in one place
100% dividend distribution among token holders

15 000 ETH have been raised during the August-September presale hitting the hard cap

Exchange BTC - ETH at the best rates through Instant Exchange Gateway without any registration

Use DEEP - 1st public platform to deeply analyze and visualize all existing blockchain transactions

Join STeX project from the founder of the famous KeyCAPTCHA serving 40,000,000 users sinсe 2010!

What happens when professionals create a state of the art tool for professionals?

It's as simple as 1-2-3. Success.


We will bring professional services
to the cryptocurrency world

We are trading professionals with years of experience in developing sophisticated trading algorithms for private hedge funds and brokers. We have profound understanding of all the needs of professional traders and we are not satisfied by what we can get out of the current market state in cryptocurrency exchange and trading.

Our idea is simple - and extremely complex at the same time.

We are going to bring the full force and scope of traditional financial market's instruments to cryptocurrency. Liquidity. Cross-rates. Futures. Leverage. Options. Investors and Managers, after all. Out-of-the-box, in one trading platform.

And more important, we will bring freedom for everyone to gain from any role he wants in this new reality.

The time has come for cryptocurrency trading to get a full-scale professional stock exchange. And our team has a vision, experience and ability to build it from scratch faster than you can imagine.


Smart platform for everyone

You can choose who you want to be on the market:

 User or Trader

Whether you want a simple coin-to-coin exchange or intraday trading - we will provide planet-wide best rates for thousands of crosses - and better liquidity than before because of sophisticated arbitrage algorithms and unique platform architecture.

 Full magnitude of financial services
Open your own asset management business in just one click - or choose one to invest in. Scan the market for successful traders and managers with your own criteria - or set your own rules to attract investors - in fully secured and scum-protected platform.

 New Financial Universe
We are going to bring futures and options to the cryptocurrency trading. If you are far from financial markets - it is a more professional and effective way of trading securities than direct-trade, because of build-in leverage. With futures you can open a position in a coin - covering just a fraction of it as a deposit - and still keep 100% of profits.

Those who gained 100% in coin trading in a year can now gain up to 1000%.

Yes! It's just the professional approach, and we deliver this ability to everyone!


Team Matters

We are a strong and experienced team both in technical terms and in building successful startups. Each member has a unique character trait that, when combined together with those of other members, makes a perfect synergy. That ensures the probability of success is very high. We built successful startups in the past and this time our ambitions are significantly higher.

If this review. still not satisfactory for you to read and do not get more accurate information, do not worry about it, I have prepared, where you can directly communicate with their team or founder, to discuss their project and look for more about their project ..

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