Natural Asset Exchange Marketplace

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Natural Asset Exchange Marketplace

A simple solution to a complex problem

Natural Asset Exchange Marketplace. A simple solution to a complex problem

The Natural Asset Exchange blockchain platform and Earth Token cryptocurrency initial coin offering (ICO) token sale provides a unique opportunity to truly transform the Natural Capital Asset market, by creating a Natural Asset Marketplace that allows all stakeholders in the climate value chain to participate.

Token Holder value is created due to the dynamics of supply & demand where the medium of exchange is in limited supply. As the value and volume of transactions across the Natural Asset Exchange increases using EARTH as the settlement mechanism, due to fixed supply, naturally the value should appreciate due to scarcity, which in turn should lead to an increase in the market capitilisation of EARTH.


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Demand Side Solutions

The solutions described below serve to drive demand for Natural Assets via the provision of our unique environmental sustainability solutions. Our technology enables our clients to address climate change adaptation, and create differentiated value that helps them build brand equity & increase market share.

Carbon Mitigation

Together with supply-side partners, we have enabled organizations of all sizes to compensate for negative effects on the environment resulting from their business operations, since 2009.

Our technology platforms and business models allow clients to identify and apportion environmental impacts and mitigation efforts to specific activities associated with producing a product or providing a service.

Once mitigation mechanisms and associated costs have been determined, our solution allows clients to engage their customers in their efforts, distributing the burden and opportunity of being environmentally responsible with all that want to participate, extending the reach and increasing the impact of those efforts across their value chain.

Climate Neutral Fuel

Our Climate Neutral Fuel solution is a turnkey approach to fuel management that increases the operational efficiency of internal combustion equipment, such as vehicles, generators and other assets vital to business and industry.

Combining proven technologies with asset monitoring and management capabilities results in increased fuel efficiency, reduced fuel costs and reduction in harmful emissions associated with the combustion of fuel. An integrated mitigation mechanism also allows customers to compensate for residual emissions.

Customers typically experience a net financial gain by deploying our Climate Neutral Fuel solution resulting in savings they could use to fund additional environmental sustainability efforts.

Waste to Energy

Waste-to-energy is the process of generating energy from primary waste materials by creating synthetic fuels from those materials and using that fuel to create energy.

In conjunction with a strategic business partner, we provide gasification plants capable of converting carbon-containing feedstock such as biomass, coal or municipal solid waste into synthetic gas (Syngas).

The Syngas produced is a clean, dry, flexible fuel which can be burned to create heat and electricity. It can also be passed through different catalysts to produce fluids such as alcohols and transportation fuels, including clean burning diesel, or used to supply pure hydrogen gas which could be used across multiple applications in various industries.

Company Details

Token Offer Details

Earth Tokens will be fully transferable and exchangeable, and will be listed on selected exchanges once distributed. Token holders will be free to buy and sell Earth Tokens once they are listed.

Token and Funding Allocations

Token and Funding Allocations

50% of the tokens will be sold publicly.

The balance are for 3rd party service providers to Token Sale, Token Sale logistics and technology platform partners, founders, stakeholders, advisors, early contributors, Earth Token reserve, liquidity, incentives for contractors and suppliers. The emission (vesting + cliff) shall be: 20% at time of distribution, thereafter 20% every 6 months.

Token Allocations

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