How To Trade In Token Ethereum Market Idex

Idex is the new token ethereum trading platform only. The trading concept is similar to Etherdelta but there are some features that Etherdelta does not have.

Here are some features of the trading platform at Idex

  • Untrustworthy
  • Tradespeed
  • Order book updates
  • Automatic trade matching
  • Order free limit of gas
  • Gas Free Command canceled
  • The amount of gas per trade
  • No race conditions
  • Scalability

Here's how to trade on Idex.

Go to Idex website

Sign up use by creating etherwallet

First  , go to Homepage, then click newwallet

Second  , enter your password and write it on paper, do not forget your password because you will use it to log in using keystore files.

Third  , Download the keystore file, this file is used to login. Then click GOT IT GET MY PRIVATE KEY

Fourth  , Save your private key in word file and print it. Secure your private key. If your PC has experienced a loss of coins or token ethereum, you must create an account with a new PC that is free of spyware.
Now it's time to login to your Idex account

Fifth  , click on unlock wallet!

Sixth  , Select keystore file because you use file and password to login. it will secure your wallet instead of logging in with your private key. Click SELLECT WALLET FILE!

Seventh  , click the keystore file and click open!

Eighth  , after that you will see your login page. Without a keystore file you will not see your login page, this is a security process before you enter your account.
Write your password and click unlock!

Ninth , the login was successful then you will see your balance, still zero.

Tenth  , to see your deposit address and wallet at
Login with keystore and password file!

Eleventh  , you will see the wallet address in the red circle, to trade your token must have a balance et to pay for gas, Set, gas prices in normal 21 Gwei.

Twelve, Go to the Ballance page, to trade You have to deposit the ballance you want.
Note; Trade at least $ 100 Maker / $ 10 Taker.

Now you can trade on Idex. Happy trading!

Idex operates on the Decentralized Protocol

IDEX will be upgraded and migrated to Realtime Exchange Arbiter Protocol (REAPR), a fully decentralized exchange protocol operating in conjunction with the Ethereal trade settlement contract.

Idex launches Aurora and DVIP tokens. Total Aurora tokens are 1,000,000,000 Auras. The DVIP token is only 2,000.

Idex Crowdsale (ICO)

Aurora IDEX sells a DVIP token for token sales. Sales begin on 30 October 2017 at 4 pm UTC until the tokens are sold out. 
Price per token of DVIP is $ 3000, equivalent to ETH (price dynamically updated), to buy DVIP you need to use et wallet that you have private key instead of from exchanger.

Token Details
Total Supply: 2000 DVIP  
Token total sales: 1600 DVIP  
Marketing / Bounty: 80 DVIP  
Bug Bounty: 20 DVIP  
Previously sold for our presale: 300 DVIP.

For more information you can visit the official website and social media:

Username Profile BTT : Ris88