MINERVA: platform built on the Ethereal blockade

Good afternoon friend all this time I will discuss about the minerva ... Minerva is a platform built on the Ethereal blockade and its crypto is OWL ERC20 tokens. Minerva's goal is to address the problem of mainstream cryptococcal adoption and provide partner businesses with useful payment solutions. A good project should not miss it to join and please visit https://minerva.com/
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Built with smart contracts within the Ethereal block chain, Minerva intends to push the platform approved to adopt encryption as a new payment method. of approved platforms with newly printed OWL tokens. This token is generated at the variable rate when the currency is used.

The problem is exacerbated by excessive price changes in the short run, which creates many risks for many companies to accept encryption. I envision a world in which smart contracts help to overcome the overly violent price changes, changing the way companies approach crypto. By bridging the gap between business and customers, I hope to help bring the mainstream of digital currency with the ICO MINERVA

The most important difference between Minerva and Bitcoin is that Minerva is designed to reward the platform that receives its OWL tokens at reverse transaction costs, and also responds to mainstream mainstream crypto-adoption challenges. In addition to being a cryptocurrency, MINERVA is the first reverse merchant processor in the world.

The MINERVA project has a unique Reverse trade processor, meaning that as long as your transactions do not take a commission, but vice versa: they pay a commission. Remarkable right? . The idea of the Minerva project is to introduce a new strategy in commerce, to stimulate the use of the credit currency. New payment solutions have the potential to accelerate adaptation of bitcoin and altcoin in the community. The process is built on the Proof of Transaction system, which minimizes risks and benefits for transactions confirmed by Minerva. Detailed information about the technical part can be found here, one can confidently say that one of the development team's goals is to make the technology accessible and understandable by the average user.

Minerva provides a generous reward system for businesses that accept it as payment. After receiving Minerva OWL, each business issued a bonus that resembled an incentive cash back credit card. When Minerva OWL tokens are received from their customers, they are automatically liquidated And here is the innovation:
  1. Instant liquidity via API from relevant Minerva trade exchanges
  2. Removal of chargebacks and exchange fees
  3. Additional protection from harsh short-term price fluctuations
  4. Reverse transaction fees. minerva teams pay them, not vice versa
Information crowdasale

In the diagram on the side, tokens with thick layers are divided between several fractions. 70% token will be distributed among bounty participants. 10% will be distributed between the drafting team and the advisor. 10% will be reserved for long-term operating costs and new achievements. 
5% will be reserved for distribution to a new partnership in the form of signing bonuses. The remaining 5% will be backed up and distributed between advertising gifts and programs that make mistakes. All values ​​transferred in exchange for OWL tokens during the crowdsale are revenue Minerva Technologies Sarl

75.000.000 of 100.000.000 The initial total of OWL Minerva tokens will be distributed in two crowdsales. A pre-sale followed by the main Minerva crowdsale, 
crowdsales will be held in an auction format in all Minerva distributions will be priced with the amount of contributions received, and then distributed accordingly. 25.000.000 Minerva will be excluded from crowdsale After the initial 100 million OWL tokens were created, in addition to bonuses related to the utility platform, will be permanently stopped. 365 days or the equivalent of one year from the crowdsale,


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