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The world’s first reverse merchant processor. MINERVA (OWL) addresses mainstream cryptocurrency adoption issues with Proof-of-Transaction, a set of executing properties designed to mitigate risk and generously reward merchants who accept the OWL token as payment. MINERVA doesn’t charge transaction fees, it pays them. Welcome to Smart Money on the Ethereum blockchain

MINERVA (OWL) is a platform and cryptocurrency which provides an
additional revenue stream to merchants accepting its token as a method
of payment. We seek to demonstrate less violent short-term fluctuations
through Proof-of-Transaction and introduce incentivized payment solutions
to accelerate the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency and smart contracts.




Built with smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, Minerva aims to incentivize approved platforms to adopt its cryptocurrency as a new payment method. Incentivization is achieved by rewarding these approved platforms with newly minted OWL tokens. These tokens are generated at a variable rate as the currency is used. Today’s digital currencies have a serious problem. They’re rarely used as currency. The problem is compounded by excessive short-term price swings which creates substantial risk for many businesses to accept cryptocurrencies. We envision a world where smart contracts help address the issue of excessively violent price swings, changing the way businesses approach cryptocurrency. By bridging the gap between businesses and customers, we hope to assist in bringing digital currencies mainstream.


We pay transaction fees to businesses, we don't charge them. We address cryptocurrency adoption issues by introducing commerce-disruptive incentivized payment solutions to accelerate the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency and smart contracts. Minerva is the world's first reverse merchant processor.


  • 70% Presale & Final Public ICO

  • 10% Founding Team

  • 10% Long-term Operational Costs

  • 5% Partnership Signing Bonuses

  • 2.5% Bug Bounty

  • 2.5% ICO Bounty Program


Owls were the first widely used international coin. These thick, heavy, silver coins minted more than 2,500 years ago were arguably the most influential of all coins. Through careful control, Owls became known due to great quality and consistent weight, resulting in merchants using them for their portability and global acceptance. They were produced for over four hundred years, and remain the most widely recognized ancient coin among the general public today. 

“The owl of Minerva spreads its wings only with the falling of the dusk.” — Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, 19th-century idealist philosopher, Oxford, 1967 

This is widely interpreted as meaning that philosophy comes to understand a historical condition just as it passes away. Hegel’s view on freedom is an interesting one, as he was writing in the wake of the French Revolution he placed great emphasis on how human freedom can be achieved.


New cryptocurrencies are introduced almost daily and their values can grow exponentially from inception. At the same time, many are abandoned after their novelty and market “honeymoon period,” thereafter quickly falling out of meaningful use. Despite these nascent cryptocurrency market features, it is clear that several statistical properties of the cryptocurrency market have been stable for years. The number of active cryptocurrencies, the market share distribution, and the turnover of cryptocurrencies remain fairly predictable. 

Adopting a mathematical perspective, we see a neutral model of the cryptocurrency economy. This enables one to glean insights based on clear empirical observations, despite the varying advantages and disadvantages of one cryptocurrency over another. We have used this research to uncover the unique properties and the important factors to understanding how cryptocurrencies provide value to both end-users and long-term token holders.

• What if Ripple provided a unique advantage to companies in industries beyond banking and other financial institutions? 
• What if Bitcoin was not controlled almost exclusively by speculation? 
• What if Ethereum’s mining rewards went to companies that accepted it as payment and were accrued by the platforms’ 



Minerva is presently an ERC20 token and smart contract system built on the Ethereum blockchain. Following this standard, Minerva tokens are easily transferable between users and platforms using ERC20-compatible wallets, and can be smoothly integrated into exchanges. 


Certain OWL tokens will be held and issued to businesses to serve as “signing bonuses” subjected to a slow-time-release algorithm and distributed on a first-come, first-served basis at 5% of the bonus vault until a point where the vault becomes nearly exhausted and a 5% signing bonus is fiscally inconsequential. 

This is in addition to bonus Minerva OWL tokens issued to partnered businesses via Proof-ofTransaction at a variable rate designed to ease inflation and combat violent price swings. With this model, OWL tokens can be exchanged for services on Minerva-approved platforms and then sold back on the market by partenered businesses, thereby creating the added monetary value. OWL tokens cannot be generated by any other method. 

This fundamental revenue-generating aspect of Minerva allows approved and integrated businesses to increase their revenue immediately upon implementation, and grants more flexibility in partenered platforms to reward customers with discounts.


The Minerva team commits to subjecting its platform to comprehensive security audits. We will implement multiple strategies to provide maximum transparency in our funds management. The goal is to prove the following: 

1. All profits are properly recorded. 
2. The company is in possession of all declared funds.

For each platform that accepts the Minerva OWL as a payment method, we will create a view-only API key which will allow anyone to verify the balance and trade history of its account. To prevent abuse, monitoring and resource tracking will limit users from the exploitation of reward rate loops.



Minerva uses two advanced methods to increase and decrease the OWL token supply.

The first method mints new Minerva OWL tokens and inserts them into the economy when a partner platform accepts the token as the payment method. The rate at which OWL tokens are currently entering the economy is called the “reward rate.” The reward rate is directly proportional to the price of OWL: as the price rises, the reward rate rises. The reward rate will rise until it increases the total supply enough to prevent violent short-term price swings. When the reward rate is greater than zero (0), a small portion of the rewards are sent to a contract where they can be exchanged for MVP tokens (Minerva Volatility Protocol tokens) and voting tokens. The inherently inflationary reward rate used to reward platforms is hard capped at 10%. This hard cap means supply will not dramatically change during episodes of significant growth, enabling the market price to naturally stabilize when artificial steadying is inadequate.

The second method sterilizes Minerva OWL tokens when their price is decreasing. Instead of a negative reward rate, we enact a system that incentivizes users to temporarily take their OWL tokens out of the economy. Users will exchange OWL tokens for MVP tokens representing a certain amount of OWL tokens which may (or may not) appreciate over a set period of time. In any instance of a price decrease MVP tokens will be sold, but the more drastic the price decrease at the time of purchase, the higher the potential appreciation value of these tokens. These MVP tokens will be able to be exchanged at a later date for the original OWL tokens paid in addition to a certain percent extra. In the event of a prolonged decline in which MVP vault funds are exhausted, the OWL token will have to naturally regain price stability 


The equations in the next section explain the circulation of assets in the economy; we use these to adjust the reward rate in order to mitigate price volatility. Price, which is determined through a Schelling pointsbased voting system to be explained in granularity later in this document, will be our known variable. Using price, we can adjust the reward rate to increase the supply or, in the case where the reward rate would be negative, take actions to sterilize assets. Rewards increase exponentially as the price increases according to a largely linear model, thereby guaranteeing that the rewards will increase the supply enough to catch up to rising expected demand.



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