DAO Database Platform with the Most Reliable and Advanced Technology As A Decentralized Data Market

Meet me again, this time I will discuss about a first sensor data supplier platform. As a decentralized data market for IoT sensors using Blockchain, especially if it is not a DATABROKER Platform, than confused and curious immediately wrote my article please read below.

About Databroker Dao

Databroker DAO is the first sensor data supplier. As a decentralized data market for IoT sensors using Blockchain, DAO Databroker allows sensor owners to convert the resulting data into revenue streams. This will open up many opportunities for different industries. Data will be used and will be more effective. In a sense, DAO Databroker can be likened to the secondary market for IoT sensor data and has been referred to as eBay or Amazon for IoT sensor data.

Sensor owners - have almost unlimited opportunities to monetize their data in the DAO DataBroker system, as well as the real opportunity to quickly close their investment in IoT sensors.

Actively scale up their work and earn good profits in no time. sensor manufacturers - now can not spend all their resources and capital exclusively on production, and use them in more profitable projects for overall technology development.

Now the money will not be spent to equip the city with censorship, but to bring a constant profit, while reducing the payback time to 2 or 3 years and possibly earning a stable income in the future.

Sensors can be used not only in technological metropolitan conditions, but also outside the city - for the use and recording of wind energy, temperature, atmospheric pressure and humidity, and even soil pH.

Scientific sphere - there is now an opportunity to select and purchase the necessary data, leading to direct and active industrial development.

Not only that, DAO DataBroker Platform is one of the most reliable and sophisticated technologies - a block system, works as efficiently as possible, but simple, and the process is transparent to every user and as transparent as possible. Anyone can quickly join the DAO DataBroker system and buy data and sell their IoT sensor results.

Databroker implements the process in its own frame because of its own token, which ensures the stability and reliability of each operation.

Similarly, the sensor market is based on highly secure blockchain technology and balanced IoT sensors. This creates the owner of the income stream of any sensor transformation data. Convert to many opportunities for all types of companies.

Every processed data will be completely functional and comfortable as well as a transparent transparent transparent transparent system that leads all the time.

ICO Information
  • Token Name: Token DTX Token 
  • Number: 225 Million (48% per sale) 
  • Presale Date: March 19, 2018. 
  • Price: 1 ETH = 4000 DTX + 50% bonus for initial user 
  • Main selling date: From 26 March 2018 to 23 April 2018 
  • Price : 1 ETH = 4000 DTX 
  • Bonus: The first 10% bonus is 24 hours of sales. 
  • Currency received: Ethereum

It can be argued that DAO DataBroker ideas and projects are a little earlier and may appear to be insufficiently sought among other projects in this market that are more attached to modern conditions. However, the DAO DataBroker developers really got the idea, leading the community into a global and advanced future.

Maybe this is all I can tell you, if there is a shortage in my article, I beg maff, but do not worry I have prepared a link that you can visit, and later you will get enough accurate information, of course you will directly communicate with the team or their founders.

For more information and more details please visit their official website below.

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