AIREXE.IO-Trading platform and digital currency exchange

Various trading platforms have been launched to serve the rapidly growing crypto community and new types of digital currencies have emerged, there will be a lot of need for trading platforms and exchange in the future, so far there have been many initial steps of existing trading platforms such as following the Kyc Etc., there are also exchanges that use simple non kyc way etc, all these to serve really busy market activity.

A new era in the digital world is forcing the adoption of renewable technologies for every trading platform in particular, Airexe, for example, Platex Airexe is a new trading platform and exchange created from various analyzes to address any issues faced by pre-existing trading platforms, the main reference Airexe, io is about Asset security and customer funds.


Airexe is implementing KYC / AML / CTF as a first step to follow established rules and procedures, as a guarantee of clarity to serve the needs of the new generation digital community, not many trading platforms and trades using the KYC / AML / CTF program are potentially closed for lack of reason open and there are many problems, Airexe was created to fix and provide solutions to all these problems.

So far, many adverse events of digital currency traders such as funds and assets of traders have disappeared or their accounts have been hit by hacking, slow customer support, this is the main issue of Airexe. This platform offers a variety of systems and technologies that are renewable, in accordance with government regulations, this will make Airexe legally usable. The enforcement of KYC / AML / CTF is the first step to collect customer data as a means of maintaining transparency and minimizing unwanted events.

Every day it is estimated that more than hundreds of beginner traders join on any particular platfrom, of course they will be confused to use feature feature in platfrom without any information provided, offers a simple platform devoted to beginner traders equipped with very detailed information so that every beginner traders can easily use every service provided by Airexe, io.

Target is to become a trading platform and convenient exchange for beginner and professional traders, by offering simple services and features in platfrom

Some Features in platfrom

A. High security applications-every access using Smartphones will be via biometric authentication 
B. Cooperation with government regulators-follow every rule set by government 
C. On-time 24/7 customer support, quick and timely response 
D. Provide tutorial for beginner traders 
E. Transparent to every asset and transaction 
F. Mobile applications directly linked to the market within the 
G. Platfrom available Integratation to new type of coin 
H. rating according to the activity and ability of each trader

Offering AIRX Token

Airexe has launched Token Airx to offer everyone who wishes to invest in Platform development, the AIRX Token in its sale is not required for every user to participate in the AIRX Token promo, but they recommend that we pre-register and verify it, facilitate us at the launch of this platform.

Token Airx sales will begin on 19 March 2018 and will last until 19 April 2018, if you want to participate please visit the following link:

The total number of AIRX tokens is limited by 5.500.00. The AIRX price depends on the amount of your contribution. Because the more you contribute the AIREXE project, as the cheap AIRX token you get. This price is:

0.01 ETH per 1 AIRX for payment of less than 2 ETH (eg 1 ETH = 100 AIRX) 
0.009 ETH per 1 AIRX for payment from 2 ETH to 10 ETH (eg 1 ETH = 110 AIRX) 
0.008 ETH per 1 AIRX for payment of 10 ETH and more (eg 1 ETH = 125 AIRX)

Token Airx Function
  1. AIRX Token is a utility token in paltfrom as a means of payment of trading fees in platfrom, using AIRX Token will be cheaper than other crypto types
  2. 0% Fee in AIRX token purchase in trading
  3. To get advanced functional services nyang professional
  4. AIRX Token is used as a payment tool to register ico program, Ito and the like and to register tokens to be included in Airexe Platform
  5. as a means of payment to access the agent's Function for advanced rates
  6. users can trade AIRX Tokens on various other exchanges
The Airexe team believes it takes half a year for Airexe to launch publicly, as per their Roodmap, any new information will be emailed to every user and can be viewed in social media official Airexe


Q3-4 2017
Market study, surveys, practical experience gathering. Researches and analysis of problem solution methods

Q1 2018
AIREXE Tokenized Assets Offering (ICO) crowdfunding. Sale of AIRX tokens. Pre-Registration and PreVerification at exchange

Q2-3 2018
AIREXE exchange development. Collaboration with regulators and financial institutions. Obtaining licenses, connection to financial institutions

Q4 2018 - Q1 2019
AIREXE exchange launching, trading for pre-registered users. AIREXE trading launching for new users. Launch of the mobile application

Q1-4 2019
Expanding AIREXE geographical coverage and collaboration with regulators in more jurisdictions. Implementation of PSD2 in EU and adopting similar in other regions and opening, launching payment service provider line of business. Launching Rating Agency analytical portal and reporting service

Q1-4 2020
Cross-countries mobile payments provider. Integration of several mobile/blockchain providers for unified payment processing. Rating Agency business expansion

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Accurate information :

Username Profile BTT : Ris88


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