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Cryptocurrencies every day more and more confidently enter our world. If in 2014-2015 years. Even a bitkoyne knew a few, today even non-technical people can freely use the terms "blockchain", "bitcoin", "ICO".

The number of people who invest their savings in crypto funds, rather than in other assets, is also increasing. Some experts even predict that in 6 years more than 200 million people around the world will have tokens.

However, in the field of investment in crypto-currency, there are still many questions and problems. Because of them, the market does not grow as fast as expected. However, if all difficulties are eliminated, then it is considered that there will be much more people than the current one as a means of investment.

The HyperQuant platform will help eliminate many issues and make digital money more attractive for investment.

[What is HyperQuant?]

HyperQuant is a platform that automatically makes investments in crypto-currencies without the participation of a trader.

How did this happen? Quite simply. It is enough for an investor to set investment parameters:
  • maximum level of risk;
  • cryptography, which can be used for investment;
  • exchange, suitable for the exchange of digital money for Fiat.

Analyzing the restrictions set by the user, the HyperQuant platform will choose the optimal strategy and ensure the achievement of these indicators.

[This sounds very optimistic. But is there anything behind this?]

it turns out, yes. Developers of HyperQuant have already created, tested and are ready to show the world of investments many technologies:
  • unique intellectual contracts on the blockbuster;
  • automatic trading bot;
  • intelligent order management;
  • an intelligent sales assistant;
  • a system of hedging risks in the crypto-currency trade;
  • a system data provider for trade in markets;
  • storage of market data;
  • system for developing your own trading bots.

It is important that the developers not only created many technologies, but also are ready to show how they will be used. For example, unique intellectual contracts will not allow investors to trade emotions and create high-risk portfolios. And an intelligent trading assistant assesses the prospects for crypto-currency in various indicators and tells the trader whether it is worth investing in a token, unprofitable and risky.

[What problems does HyperQuant solve?]

The infrastructure created by the developers of the HyperQuant project would not be so valuable if it did not allow solving really important and complex problems.

[And there are such problems, and there are many of them. Here's a minimum:]

lack of transparency of the crypt market - not all users are sure that trading tokens are safe and open;
  • lack of control in the transfer of funds to management - today the funds that manage investments in crypto-currencies do not guarantee that the money will reach them;
  • dependence on the investment fund - the owner of the capital, who transferred the money to the management, can not influence the decisions of managers;
  • a small number of profitable strategies - actions that bring results are known for a long time, and revolutionary things do not appear on the market.

HyperQuant solves all these problems. The platform allows you to trade through a mobile application and do it as safely and transparently as possible. The money invested in HyperQuant remains under the control of the user - he can withdraw them at any time. Well, the fact that the management of funds is carried out by a computer, and not by a person, causes a variety of asset management, which ordinary people often can not resist anything.

[Benefits of HyperQuant]

The main advantage of HyperQuant, thanks to which the developers plan to win the competition - fully automated investments. This is a very important advantage: it allows you to invest in tokens and earn even those people who do not understand anything in investments. It is enough to establish how much you need to earn, and what risk is acceptable, and the platform will do everything by itself.

It is also important that HyperQuant allows participants to develop trading bots "for themselves." Sites where you can do very little, and HyperQuant is one of them.

Thus, HyperQuant attracts not only those who would like to completely transfer the process of earning for outsourcing. This platform is also of interest to investors who are well versed in the crypto-currency sphere, but want to automate the process of generating income.

[Distribution of ICO and tokens]

For the ICO, HyperQuant developers created a HQT token.

A total of 320 million HQT tokens will be released, which will be sold in two stages in May and June 2018. For 1 ETH during the main round of the HyperQuant doll you can buy 3500 HQT.
The minimum target ICO HyperQuant (SoftCap) is 5000 ETH. HardCap - 41143 ETH.

Investments collected in the ICO will be distributed as follows:


The creators of HyperQuant have set themselves a very ambitious goal. In fact, they want to do something that no one else could do - fully automate the process of crypto-currency trading. If the idea of ​​HyperQuant developers is implemented, then all trading operations will be implemented by the robot, and the investor will receive only money.

Time will tell if this happens or not. But in any case, HyperQuant already has a lot of technologies to implement the plans into action. Therefore, investment in this project is a profitable investment.

[All additional information about the HyperQuant project can be found in official sources:]

User name Profile BTT : Ris88

ETH Wallet address : 0x2CF4F93348116B2Ce67Ecb7A9eA57E10Bf0f81A2