Reality Clash

Turning the Game into Reality

The most popular game lovers today are online games, of course, will be very interested in a game that is very challenging and very different from the usual game, build military strength, control the entire territory, or lead gang in one team is a very online war game Interesting, games with battle challenges may be very popular with many game lovers. Especially those who have experience and strategies in online battles.

Introducing Reality Clash, the world's first AR mobile combat game powered by Blockchain Ethereal, is an online game that uses mobile phone cameras as a background capture screen available on android and Iphone, with geo location technology capable of locating players accurately and getting opponents in a quick and precise. This game can be played with friends who are connected in one network, can be played with team, tournament, make a camp, game distance or close and arrange battle in urban area, park and forest. This game is facilitated 3D with smooth graphics and looks like a real plus a visual building that allows players to hide and look for opponents in battle.

Reality Clash facilitates players to perform various strategies in online battles, such as other online battle games you can do as needed: backup ammunition with various ammunition packs, get the full weapons you want according to your tastes and needs in combat, get packages of health tools Can extend the duration of the battle when hit by fire, conduct air strikes through drones and aircraft, change combat uniforms according to conditions in the combat area, and you will also be rewarded for every successful completion and win the battle. Weapons and combat equipment can be found with tokens sold during the ICO, Token tournament sales will be available from 1 November 2017. Supported by Etherum Blockchain, Reality Clash will become the most comprehensive, popular and sophisticated augmented reality combat game on the Market.

Tony Pearce, founder of Realita Gaming Group, said: "Reality Clash is a very innovative, sophisticated game and also gives gamers a unique opportunity to join the fast moving world of ICO and crypto currency trading.

Reality Clash issued a RCC (REALITY CLASH COINS GOLD) token supplying ERC-20 with Ethereum Blockcahin base, the token distribution to be sold is 100,000,000 RCC tokens, some tokens or about 50,000,000 in pre sale and 50,000,000 in tokens Sale or during ICO takes place. By buying RCC in pre sale will get 50% bonus minimum purchase of 10 $. This will give gamers the chance to purchase a special Gold RCC token for only 1 / 30th of the regular RCC price, get exclusive weapons that will never be available again, plus gain access to tournaments and special extras.

Get a 50% token sale bonus when making initial purchases from 0 to 20,000,000 tokens sold. And when making purchases between 20,000,000-35,000,000 tokens sold will get 30% bonus. Purchases between 35,000,000 to 45,000,000 tokens will earn a bonus of 10%. After that there is no bonus in purchasing at 5,000,000 tokens remaining. Unsold token will be burned or discarded to increase the value of RCC tokens in exchange or in the market exchange.

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