DETECTOR is a bot that monitors cryptocurrency and betting markets Invest in ICO

DETECTOR is an ETH based token. The DETECTOR bot monitors crypto currency and betting markets.
Our bot will notify you instantly about altcoin pump and dumps, suspicious betting games, dropping odds and live betting tips.

Altcoin Intelligence Bot

Our bot analyzes every 
altcoin chart to develop 
signals that can be sent to 

Suspicious Betting Detector

The DETECTOR bot analyzes 
every football match for 
suspicious betting activity.

Dropping Odds Detector

The DETECTOR bot detects 
every game with dropping 
odds by using powerful 

Live Betting Analyzer

The DETECTOR bot uses a 
custom algorithm to provide 
the most accurate live 
betting tips.

Professional Team

We are professionals that 
have been in cryptocurrency 
market for 4 years.

Free to Try

Until we switch to a 
subscription based business 
model, our platform is free 
to try!

More than 17% daily profit

Over two months of testing has shown that using bot whilst trading results in 17% daily profit.

Roadmap for 2017

July 2017
- Improving algorithms.

August 2017
- Addition of Slack support.

September 2017
- DETECTOR will be added on altcoin exchanges.
- Switching to a Subscription Business Model.
- Developing surebets detector.
- Social betting and trading network.
Any DETECTOR member can post their trading and betting signals. Registered users can follow other DETECTOR members and receive their signals. Users can also compare their own results to other members. Each member will have the ability of setting their own price for signals.

October 2017
- Recruiting additional developers.
- Online marketing campaign.

November 2017
- Automate investing & betting
Members will be able to add their own API keys from exchanges & bookies to automate whole process. Our DETECTOR app will automatically invest on crypto markets and bet on bookies using your account API key.

December 2017
- Advanced Technical Analysis
At this stage, we will work on new algorithms to predict altcoins price.

To be continued..





Ethereum Based Tokens
ICO Start
August 20th, 2017 00:00 UTC

September 20th, 2017 00:00 UTC

ICO Tokens


Unsold tokens will be burned.


    Exchange Rate
    700 DTCT - 1 ETH

    Some of our Signals

  • That's how our bot works!

 DetectorToken Bot
DetectorToken Bot
DetectorToken Bot

Why you should choose DETECTOR Tokens?

We are professionals


We are professionals who 
have worked within the 
cryptocurrency market for 4 
years before we decided to 
create our own token.

Our product actually works


Unlike other Tokens, we 
already have our product 

Instant settlement


No more waiting. Now you 
can send DETECTOR tokens 

How the DETECTOR idea emerged

The DETECTOR idea emerged from our observation of the crypto markets and the increased volume of trades being undertaken on a daily basis. Firstly, it is important to understand that trading, even on Forex trade where there are few uncertainties is not easy. Therefore, it is even much harder to trade on crypto markets that is characterized by perpetual uncertainties and high reactionary actions which can lead to market losses. Secondly, the cryptocurrency market is under consistent development with new Altcoins launched on a monthly basis and as it is almost impossible to keep track of everything that is happening in the blockchain world. Therefore, it is much harder for people to predict the market and trends which in turn make it harder to make profitable trades. The extant solutions are quite tedious and still require substantial insights and understanding to synthesize loads of information before finally placing a trade. For instance, there are chats and information about the crypto markets with the aim of making informed choices. However, there are multiples of these chat rooms and forums which in the case of investors. Therefore, given the high volatility of cryptocurrencies and lack of a centralized source of information and insights it is therefore very difficult to make sound investment decisions.

How we suggest to solve these problems

We aim to solve these questions about our problems, synthesizes it and sends reliable signals to our members. Our automated bot will gather information about various altcoins and instantly notify our members on pumps and dumps, suspicious betting games, dropping odds and live betting tips based on each individual's preference. Our application will act as the bridge between the members and the market by providing accurate, reliable and usable information to help in the investment decision making. As aforementioned, information asymmetry is one of the major problems and inserts on the crypto markets. Our bot will send instant updates to members based on the movements of various altcoins prices and developments in cryptocurrency for their actions. Our algorithm will help to analyze various sources of information, monitor patterns and trading activities to provide members with prompts, cues and hints on what kind of investments to make. This will ensure that each decision made by our members is well informed and based on reliable market intelligence. This will save the members of the hassle of reading, watching and synthesizing different sources of information to determine their investment decisions. Rather through automation, members will be able to get insights throughout the day in a timely manner to guide their purchases and sales in the crypto markets

ICO Goals

Our idea is to create a fully automated bot that sends signals to customers to guide their cryptocurrency investment decisions such as what and when to buy. We already have a working product that is currently being used for free. We intend to initiate a subscription model after the ICO thus helping investors to earn from the subscriptions made by users. However, further development is needed to transform our application into a finished product. Moreover, we need to invest in marketing amongst blockchain communities and to other traditional investors to adopt DETECTOR as their preferred market intelligence bot and this will require some resources. We will also need to develop the social betting and trading network on the platform amongst some other technical upgrades down the line. We hope to attract substantial interest from the crypto community, together with individual and institutional investors that believe in the importance of our application
We aim to allocate a large share of the funds raised to facilitate marketing activities that include raising awareness for our products on various platforms. 35% of the raised funds will be allocated to further development of the product to include new features and another 30% will be allocated to scaling our services with anticipated growth expected to bring in new customers and thus requiring expansion of our platform capacity.

Meet our Team

Founder and Developer

Since 2007, he has been developing applications for banks and other financial services. He has worked for a number of major clients including X-Trade Brokers as a full stack developer. Tomasz is the leading full-stack architect developer for the DETECTOR Token project.


Dawid is a self-made man who studied at the age of 14 and graduated from AGH University of Science and Technology. Since 2007, he has been developing applications for major clients, such as PayPal.



Adam is a motivated, forward thinking, intelligent developer with a great deal of knowledge within his field. Adam graduated from Warsaw School of Computer Science is on the way to work as a programmer for HP Enterprise.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Our bot automatically monitors cryptocurrency and betting markets to instantly notify DETECTOR users. To receive signals, you will need to create an account on our platform.
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How can I invest in ICO?
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