Blocklancer platform freelancer - Find Job blockchain in blocklancer - ICO on August 5th

What's in the Blocklancer platform?
There are several advantages of the blocklancer platform rather than the other platforms that are: find jobs for freelancers, get jobs in blockchain, which blocklancer offers a nice interface to find your new job. And find the perfect employee for your job.

Find a job easily even without the knowledge of what a blockchain is. You can find a job on a blocklancer platform or build your reputation as a freelancer and get contacted directly by customers who ask for your expertise. Simplicity is the core principle of the platform.

And following the advantages of the blocklancer platform: Getting a job, Find a job, blocklancer solve problems for freelancers, Guaranteed Payments, Fair and Automatic Dispute Resolution, Low Cost, No Censorship, and Token Holder get Charges.

And Below is the Spec Token Blocklancer that has the $ LNC symbol:

Symbol: LANCER (LNC)
Conversion rate: 1 ETH = 10000 LNC
Minimum market cap in ICO: US $ 4.5 million
Bonus Structure: 1 hour 1ETH = 15000 LNC
Token ERC20: Yes
Total supply: 200,000,000

How to Pursue and Benefit Blocklancers?

As written above ICO blocklancer will start on August 5, 2017, which you can buy tokens that have the symbol LNC by paying only using ethereum. After you buy the token you can sell it to the market or market that if the token is already in distribution.

Yes in addition to finding a blocklancer job also offers a BOUNTY campaign which 2% of the total supply will be distributed to bounty campaign.

For token holders themselves will get a percentage of the fee fees earned by blocklancer

Oh yes in investing in ICO blocklancer already using ESCROW or in everyday life of indonesia we call it with joint account, so fund that you invest will be safe if there is maze of platform.

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