What Is the name of your coin/token

The name of our token is (Block)Lancer Token (LNC for short).
You can access our site at this domain
You can also find our official announcement here

Do you have social profile for your coin or groups if there are can you please send us all the links?

Yes, we do have social media profiles. Here are the links:

Is there an ICO/Premine for this coin?

The ICO for our coin will start on the 5thAugust 2017 24:00 UTC, and it will go until the 5th September.

We have decided not to hold a pre-sale for our coin.

We also think that not having a pre-ICO is a good thing for the investors. Selling tokens for dump prices can have enormous negative side-effects. For example one negative side effect of pre-ICOs is how early investors often sell at ICO prices once a token hits an exchange. In doing so, they still make an enormous profit and cripple the token’s price in the process. And there are also often transparency problems involved in pre-ICOs. So, we decided to not have a pre-ICO, because in the long term this is the best – for our token and for the investors.

What is algorithm behind the coin? Standard hash solving mechanism,or like in Primecoin case mining involves finding Cunningham chains or something else?Is coin POS/POW or mixed?

It’s an Ethereum token.
What is the purpose of the coin? (Is is only used as currency or there is some deeper system behind it?)

Our coin isn’t meant to simply be a currency or a platform for money speculation.

We want to create a platform that will ease the lives of many thousands of people by using the Blockchain technology as a foundation.

Our Blocklancer project is directed towards freelancers and people posting job offers on the Internet – aka clients. With our project we aim to solve many of the underlying problems of current freelancing websites, such as trust issues among clients and freelancers, problems with payments, dispute settlement and many more.

For a more detailed explanation of our vision you can read our whitepaper which you can find on our website

Does dev or the team have any experience that makes them likely to succeed?

Our team has experience in many different fields, ranging from computer technology and the Blockchain to advanced economical knowledge and the know-how to run a successful company.

Our combined expertise will surely help us in finding success with our project.

You can find a more detailed team and developer presentation on our website

What percentage of coins in circulation will the main developer have?

10 % of the coins in circulation will be reserved for the developer team.
How were the software clients generated (did they use the main Bitcoin client or something else to make their software)?

It’s an Ethereum token programmed with Ethereum’s own language Solidity.
Is the coin deflationary with hard cap of coins or not?

Yes, we will introduce a hard cap of coins for our Blocklancer token.

The hard cap will be 1,000,000,000 LNC.

Was is heavily premined, how many coins are in the hands of devs?

It’s an Ethereum based token, which means that there is no premine.

As already said, 10 % of the tokens are reserved for the developer team.

If you ever had the chance to talk with Satoshis what would you ask?

Would you had ever thought that the Blockchain would be the biggest innovation since the internet?Where we are able to revolutionize how people live and work and where huge businesses can rise.
And by the way: What’s your real name?

for more information :

Username: Ris88